Tradercom Investments

Each individual company acting in commodity markets faces important purchase and sale decisions daily.

Even if one does not operate in commodity markets most are exposed to currency risk; daily fluctuations in forex market.

Therefore my company, Tradercom Investments, created a risk management program for a particular, specific commodity market and / or currency, related to the internal needs of each company.

This program is addressed exclusively to corporations and is called MasterPlan. All of You interested in this innovative project please feel free to contact me individually by sending email at (please use “MasterPlan” as title).

Why MasterPlan?

This program is addressed to those of You who understand the difference between innovative and active risk management in comparison to just copying the actions of Your competitors.

MasterPlan is designed for companies exposed to risks related with price fluctuations in commodity markets and in Forex

It can be effectively implemented in:

  • crude oil processing companies (fuel sector)
  • energy producing companies
  • transport companies (sea, inland water and truck transportation)
  • mining and extraction of natural resources’ companies (coal , copper, silver, gold, natural gas)
  • agri & food processing companies
  • feedstuffs’ producing companies

So in all areas where price changes in particular commodities are very high and determine profit or loss of underlying business.